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The New Library Facility Nears Completion

The transfer of the Motor Museum’s reference library into its new purpose built accommodation is nearing completion thanks to the tireless work of volunteers. A large amount of material had been stored in a shipping container for a number of years in anticipation of the opening of the new facility. The work was carried out over several months with volunteers putting in the hard yards to ensure that in excess of 12,000 motoring publications of historical significance will be preserved for posterity.

A special thanks goes to Mike Rooney for leading the move with the layout and placement of shelving, desks and compacta, ably assisted by Maurice McGregor. Shelving and cataloguing the material has been undertaken with the help of Paul McKeitch, Barry Nelson, Steve Dunlop, Jed Queneno, Barry Bryant and Bruce Thomas.

Chairman Kelvin Ferris said that it is extremely rewarding to see years of planning for the new library to finally become a reality, while Curator John McLean said he was looking forward to the library being opened to researchers, motoring historians and car club members. This is a reference library and publications will always remain on site.

Pictured is volunteer Toni Mahony who, along with Barry Bryant, has taken on the task of Librarian

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